E. Ayers

Writing the romantic slices of life.

Combining a good story and true love seems simple, but it's not. Within the industry, it's called slice of life. I write about the romantic slice and with it comes everything else that life throws our way.

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A Rancher’s Dream

Widowed and raising a young daughter by himself, Tiago has only one goal – to work a ranch of his own and build a future for his small family. When fate deposits a young woman in his path, he believes he has found the help he needs to care for his child as they journey to their new home in Creed’s Crossing. On the run for her life, Ingrid needs to get as far away from Texas as she can. Her brother and father have been murdered, and those responsible would see her dead, too. Desperate, she accepts an offer to help Tiago with his daughter, but Ingrid’s past can destroy everything Tiago is working for. Worse – her very presence places him and his daughter in peril. Amid secrets and danger, a single father and an orphaned woman on the run must fight all odds to fulfill… A Rancher’s Dream.

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A Rancher’s Woman

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A Rancher’s Request

Zadie Larkford, recently graduated from an Eastern women’s college, lives a quiet life in her hometown of Franklin, Virginia. Content to spend her days painting by the river and watching her friends marry, she is shocked to learn that her father has promised her hand in marriage to a complete stranger. Ultimately unable to disobey, she leaves her childhood home to travel – unaccompanied – to Creed’s Crossing, Wyoming to meet her betrothed.

Raised in a seafaring community in North Carolina, Duncan Lorde made the decision to leave his father’s prosperous fishing venture to make a life for himself in the west. Determined to succeed in the treacherous and unpredictable pursuit of cattle ranching, he has land, a small cabin, and a herd. All he needs now is a wife–a good woman who will cook, clean, and provide him with strong sons to help on the ranch. When Zadie arrives in Creed’s Crossing, the young daughter of his father’s old friend is far more independent and strong-willed than he expected.

The young would-be-couple has barely begun to forge a bond when the forces of man and nature collide, impeding Duncan and Zadie as they struggle to fulfill…

A Rancher’s Request

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Silent Journey

I’ve known a lot of women and dated plenty, but I never dreamed I’d wind up with someone who wasn’t Deaf. I saw Savannah in the restaurant one night and she smiled. The day I caught up to her on campus, I was excited. Then in less than a minute, my hopes crumbled. When I told her I was Deaf, her expression changed. I thought she’d walk away from me. She didn’t. That’s when I fell in love with her. Men don’t like admitting to being struck by cupid’s arrows. It doesn’t sound macho, but I was hit hard. I knew I’d marry her.

Being a Deaf man in a hearing world and asking Savannah to be a permanent part of my life was more than a little intimidating. Convincing her to step into my world gave me one more problem to overcome as I pursued a career where most people considered hearing a prerequisite.

I’m no longer that little boy who wasn’t invited to the birthday party because I was different. I’m Deaf. I’m proud of who I am. It’s not an excuse. It’s a reminder to be better, to try harder, and to find my own success. This is my story of perseverance and the pursuit of the near impossible.

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WANTING: A full length novel with strong mainstream elements. The first in the River City series.
Businessman Mac McGuire fell head over heels in love with Amanda Conner. His money has always gotten him what he wanted, but not this time. He’s trying to rescue her from the poverty and violence of River City’s housing projects and pull her into his glamorous world of downtown high-rises and opulence. Mac is used to risking everything and winning, but he realizes that wanting Amanda could cost him everything. Is that a price he’s willing to pay?

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A Snowy Christmas in Wyoming

A Native American cowboy and a national TV news anchorwoman have nothing in common except for their pasts. Is love preordained? An old diary from when Jessie and Clare Coleman settled on the land in the 1840’s provides a history of their life. But tucked between the pages is an unrequited love between Clare Coleman and a tall Native American. Does love and land come full circle? In this season of giving, will fate reach through time to give a gift of love?

Andy Coyote settled into the job as foreman on the Coleman ranch. He’s got custody of his thirteen month old daughter and the situation is perfect for both of them until Caroline Coleman returns home for Christmas and one of the worst blizzards in years hits the area. He’s forced to accept Caroline’s help to move a herd of cattle and mixed in it are several head from another ranch in the community. Cattle rustling still happens.

Caroline Coleman has her dream job as a Washington, D.C., news anchor for a national broadcast, but home is in Wyoming on her family’s ranch. She has everything that money can buy, but the things that she really wants can’t be purchased. Raised with solid, hard working, family values, she knows her life in the spotlight isn’t real. She wants a man who appreciates the ranch, loves her for who she is and not what she is, and she wants a family of her own. And she doesn’t like the idea of Andy Coyote taking advantage of her grandmother.

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A Cowboy’s Kiss in Wyoming

Chessie Chesterfield is from North Carolina. She wears heels, not boots, and she doesn’t own jeans. She’s scared of horses, and all she wants is to get back on the road. So why is she falling in love with an ex-bull rider? Could the man of her dreams be a cowboy?

Derrick McCullough’s days of bull riding are over, along with his marriage and his days of prescription drug usage. He’s succumbed to the idea of taking over the family ranch and has worked hard to turn his life around. The last thing he needs is the cutest little filly in a pair of heels who talks with a heavy North Carolinian accent.

A little playful teasing between the two re-injures the leg that took him away from the sport of bull riding. The injury sends him to the hospital for more surgery. Unsure if he’ll ever be able to ride a horse again, he feels his life has crashed one more time. To his surprise, the last thing he wants to do is say goodbye to Chessie Chesterfield.

Can knowing someone for only a few days be enough to truly know them? Chessie isn’t into settling down and loves her nomadic lifestyle. But Derrick stole her heart, and she wants it back. Confident, cocky, handsome, and a gentleman, Derick has all the right qualities along with that big family who welcomed her. Does she dare return to the Lazy A + 8 ranch?

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A Love Song in Wyoming

Angie has a problem. Country music star, Johnny Rockthorne bought the property next to her family’s ranch. She loves his attention and it makes her heart sing, but she doesn’t want to be a rich boy’s toy. Then her first love shows up and claims he’s returned for her. Both men promise her a better life. One can give her everything she’s ever wanted, and the other can give her anything she wants. Novella 39,000 words.

Johnny Rockthorne, America’s most popular country vocalist, finds his dream home in ranching community of Creeds Crossing where he can relax between concerts and write music. He also finds Angie Clovis. She’s part Native American with long, straight, black hair and sky-blue eyes. As his heart reaches out for her, she becomes the inspiration for a new song.

Angie’s a cowgirl from a poor ranching family with a secret that she’s never told anyone. All she’s ever wanted was to fall in love, settle down on a successful ranch, and have a few children. Jacino “Jack” Alveraz comes back into town, and once again, she finds herself falling for his smooth lines and promises of better life on a ranch with him. Torn between two men, she’s forced to make a split second decision.

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A Calling in Wyoming

Novella. Sweet Romance. Approximately 39,000 words. Adam wasn’t expecting to have to make a career choice. He was living his dream. Circumstances force him to choose between his heart and his head. Except his heart belongs to Lindie and he doesn’t want to lose her.

Adam Kavika is on the fast track with a large international beer company. He grew up on a ranch but went east with his parents as a young teen. He was on his way to his grandmother’s ranch when he stopped in Creed’s Crossing to visit Neil Jones, the pastor of the small church in town. Except when he arrives, Neil has died, and the community is looking to Adam to fill Neil’s position. Adam likes Creed’s Crossing and enjoys his stay, but he’s got another problem. He’s planning on marrying Lindie Roust and she’s a city girl with a great job. He doesn’t want to give up Lindie.

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E. Ayers

Historical Western and Romance Author

E. Ayers is a true believer in love at first sight because it happened to her, she thinks everyone should find that special someone. When it happens, it's magical. Writing about that love is what she enjoys doing and when she's not spending time with her two dogs and waiting on his royal highness (the cat), she's busy writing. The official matchmaker for all the characters who wander through her brain, she likes finding just the right ones to create a story.


Loving Arabelle

Morgan’s Crossing, Montana

A new mail order bride, Ellen has now been widowed.


With two young boys from her first marriage to raise, a newly deceased mail-order-husband, no food and no money, she is forced to accept an offer of shelter from the neighboring rancher who found her latest husband’s body. Ellen is no stranger to sacrifice as a means to achieve a better future for herself and her children, but there is something different about Nick. He has a drive and an ambition leading him to seek his own fortune, and that speaks to Ellen like a whispered caress. With Nick and two young boys, Ellen discovers a life she never believed possible.

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